MEET Alexander Bloedel





For over 15 years, Alexander Bloedel has been a noteworthy leader in the marketing field.  He is passionate about helping small businesses grow and succeed through effective marketing strategies and actions.   

In addition to assisting businesses, he enjoys solving problems for others in his community. Alexander is married to his lovely wife, Larissa, and has four amazing children. Along with his role in the marketing field, Alexander sits on the board at Scarville Lutheran School and is an active member in his church.


MEET Ashley Faugstad

Executive Assistant

Who doesn’t like adding tasks to someone else’s “to do” list?  At Biz Wiz marketing, Ashley is our efficiency expert. With 14 years of experience, she is a meticulous worker and expert stickler. Ashley is the one behind-the-scenes at Biz Wiz, making sure we make your marketing projects a reality. Whether it is a print job, a website design, or a quote for a new steel building, you can be sure that Ashley has added your task to our “to do” list and will make sure it is completed in a timely manner.  

Ashley lives in Minnesota with her “knight in shining armor” husband, Ben, and her four amazing children.  Ben is thankful that Ashley has someone else to nag about their “to do” list, instead of just him.


MEET Micah Hanson

Print Shop Pro

Micah, the resident print shop pro, specializes in putting your logo on quality apparel.  He enjoys seeing your brand emerge from paper to attire.  

In his spare time, you can find him jamming out on his guitar, on the disc golf course, or racing off on his long board.  Micah also enjoys rock climbing and how it challenges him to push himself.

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